My Relationship Goals

Although you have been in relationship since you were born, that may not mean you know how to navigate them. I would argue that most of us have no idea how to maintain a healthy relationship. You can read more about the Four Things You Need in Your Relationship and the Six Ways to Maintain … Continue reading My Relationship Goals

Relationship Flags

You may have never considered it, but you are experiencing a Relationship Flag at this very moment. You have been in relationship from the moment you were born. You didn't ask to be born, but you are here, and you are currently in a relationship even if you are single. You are in a relationship … Continue reading Relationship Flags

Why Choose Loneliness After a Breakup

Why are we so quick to jump into a new relationship after a breakup? Even if it's casual-dating, hookups, and one-night-stands, why do we feel the need to find a replacement to help us heal over the pain of our past relationships? We hear things like: "it's time to get back out there." "the best … Continue reading Why Choose Loneliness After a Breakup