you can be a heart advocate

I want to be your safe-space. In 2015, I decided to no longer settle in my relationships and to choose myself, and now I am here for your heart.

By facing your fears, self-doubt, insecurity, shame and guilt + blame with the 10 Branches of Self-love (Path of Self-love), I believe that everyone can intentionally create a life filled with acceptance of self, joy, and inner-peace.

As the Heart Advocate, I provide virtual Heart Advocate Programs, Self-love Therapy, Self-love workshops and run a support group on Facebook, Healing Over Everything™.

I want to help you choose self-love as a coping skill for mental health and healing because we are all healing over something (PTSD, anxiety, toxic relationships, loneliness, trauma, fear, depression, self-doubt, insecurity, etc.).

I am dedicated to taking self-love with me everywhere I go, so if I am present, you are in a judgement free zone and safe space. All of my services are accessible to human beings no matter the gender, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, religion, age, or disability; you are welcome here.

You deserve to never settle for less. -Ta’lor L. Pinkston, The Heart Advocate

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What is a Heart Advocate

We all have desires personally, professionally, and in relationships. You may have ignored the desires of your heart for fear of disappointing others, a lack of self-worth, or doubting your abilities; I know that I have. As The Heart Advocate™, I am dedicated to helping individuals (transgender, non-binary/non-gender, and cisgender) defy fear, self-doubt, insecurity, shame, and blame/guilt by advocating for their heart and choosing self-love as a coping skill.

There are 5 things that make you a Heart Advocate:

  1. Never settling for less
  2. Manifesting relationships rooted in the 4 Things You Need to Have a Healthy Relationship
  3. Choosing your desires no matter what (adapted from the Path of Self-love)
  4. Holding yourself and your community accountable for making self-love choices
  5. Advocating for self-love as a movement

Our Heart Advocate™ programs + self-love therapy, groups, and workshops provide an array of resources on self-love, mental health, and healing. I want to help you listen to your heart and do exactly what you desire every day.


Heart Advocate program – seeks to help you practice self-love by choosing to never settle, be honest about your choices, and to know your worth by focusing on the 10 branches of self-love ae (provided by the Path of Self-love). The Heart Advocate will guide you in becoming your own Heart Advocate and help you make the active choice to commit to what your heart.

Guides + Heart Tools – various guides, templates, and journal entries to help you begin to apply self-love into your lifestyle and accept yourself as you journey closer to falling in love with yourself as you are.

Photo Credit: Marien Jose [Pittsburgh, PA]

Mental health + Healing Over Everything™

Heart Advocate Sessions: Self-love Therapy – when you need a moment to pause, feel, and take action in your life, Heart Advocate Sessions will provide you with the Heart Work. The Heart Advocate will hold space for you to help you release stress, toxicity, insecurity, restlessness, fear, worry, and self-doubt using self-love as a coping skill for mental health concerns and healing.

Healing Over Everything™ (H.O.E) – a virtual support group that focuses on self-love, mental health, and healing. Weekly support and discussions on healthy relationships, motherhood, marriage, and single-life, self-care, self-worth, body-acceptance, and mental health.
Scroll down for more information on H.O.E.

#nomakeupmondays – Every Monday with The Heart Advocate and in Healing Over Everything we share our makeup free selfies. This challenge was created to help individuals accept their natural beauty and defy perfection and the standard of beauty.

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Heart Advocate Program

Do you desire to ditch the bullshit and prioritize your self-acceptance, joy, inner peace? Do you desire to face your fears, defy self-doubt, insecurity, and shame, and release yourself from toxic relationships that are draining your mental health?


Captured by: Julie Kahlbaugh (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Heart Advocate Program can support you as you open the door towards Healing Over Everything™. As The Heart Advocate, I will provide you with the Heart Tools to become your own Heart Advocate™ and choose your worth every day. If you choose this program we will work towards understanding the 10 Branches of Self-love and make the active choice to love yourself.

self-love: a path. a practice. a choice. christine arylo, the path of self-love

Self-love is not selfish, it is a requirement in wellness + mental health. By making yourself a priority will change what you allow in relationships, how you parent, how you communicate in relationships, how you cope with your mental health, and take care of yourself.

You can break down the walls of fear, self-doubt, self-hate, and insecurity with the 10 branches of self-love, including self-awareness, self-care, self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness and I want to support you on your journey towards healing.

Self-love is something that we choose every damn day and you are worthy.

What to Expect 

There are a total of 12 sessions for The Heart Advocate program. Each session focuses on one of the 10 branches of Self-love (Path of Self-love) and provides you with Heart Tools during sessions, assigns Heart Work in between sessions, and gives you the space to share your truth.

Each session is available through video conferencing on Zoom for 1 hour.

how to begin

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become a heart advocate

To learn more about The Heart Advocate please visit the About page and if you have any questions or concerns, click the Contact page or email me 

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Healing Over Everything (H.O.E.)

About h.o.e.

Healing Over Everything is a support group on Facebook that provides individuals with weekly discussions on different topics related to self-love, mental health and healing. We are conversation starters who want to face our pain, celebrate ourselves, and have a safe-space to vent and be transparent about what we are struggling with.

We are defying perfectionism, self-hate, and the word “ho” every day.

WHo can join H.O.E.?

H.O.E. is for individuals ages 18+ who are high school seniors, college kids, cisgender or transgender, married or single, and parents who want to heal. We are so powerful when we are united and H.O.E. is dedicated to providing a safe-space for you to heal and help others heal from toxic relationships, trauma, abuse, loneliness, divorce and our every day life experiences living in a white supremist, male dominated society filled with bigotry, perfectionism, and status. 

h.o.e is here for your heart.

If you are struggling with maintaining healthy relationships, have concerns with family + friends, struggling in your marriage or as a parent; if you need support with grief or loss, during or after a divorce or a bad breakup; if you are struggling with accepting your body or trusting your heart in making decisions, I am here to say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

How to Join H.O.E.?

With over 14K+ members, H.O.E. is making its mark one of the most inclusive groups on Facebook. Healing Over Everything is “the only reason I am on Facebook.” – Gloria Madelyn (member since 2018).

If you would like to learn more about this group and the amazing members from all over the world, click Healing Over Everything and if you are already convinced that this is the group for you, click the button below: 

Healing Over Everything­™

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