Social Self-care and Boundaries 11.19.23


Social Self-care and Boundaries Workshop is an interactive in-person and virtual workshop for small groups, large organizations, students (High School – College) and teams that focuses on the one important type of self-care, social self-care and provides an in-depth description of social self-care and how to take care of the social being that you are and practice boundaries personally and professionally.

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The Heart Advocate welcomes you to be a part of Social Self-care and Boundaries as a part of a Self-care Workshop Series*

*If you are interested in registering for all three workshops, click HERE

Social Self-care is one of six ways to take care of yourself and it is often most neglected because of people pleasing and other ways we engage in self-sacrificing and self-neglect.

As an attendee of the Social Self-care and Boundaries Workshop, you will be provided with an in-depth description of social self-care and how to take care of the social being that you are, and you will learn how to practice boundary setting personally and professionally by learning your social self-care needs completing a Boundary Setting Journal alongside of other Heart Work to enhance your boundary practice. 

The interactive workshop includes a Self-care Workbook, group discussions and journal prompts related to self-care and its importance.

Location: Zoom (link will be provided after registration)

Date: Sunday, November 19, 2023 

Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Thank you for your interest and see you at the third Self-care Workshop in the Series: Social Self-care and Boundaries.


I am here for your heart. 


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