My Relationship Goals

Although you have been in relationship since you were born, that may not mean you know how to navigate them. I would argue that most of us have no idea how to maintain a healthy relationship. You can read more about the Four Things You Need in Your Relationship and the Six Ways to Maintain Your Self-love in your Relationship under the Self-love page on my website.

Your desires for your relationships, your needs, and wants all matter but you may feel like you are settling for less often and sometimes neglecting yourself all together. This Heart Tool is an opportunity for you to explore what is happening in your relationship that you like and dislike, what you are allowing and their impacts, the expectations that you have and the boundaries that you need to apply from your point of view. 

Ask the person you are in relationship with to do this as well and share your results with one another.

This Heart Tool is a great relationship builder for couples, siblings, parent/child relationships, or in friendships and it is also an eye-opener to the reality of the relationships that you are in and what next steps you desire to take.

Free PDF Printable Version: My Relationship Goals .pdf

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