Relationship Flags

You may have never considered it, but you are experiencing a Relationship Flag at this very moment. You have been in relationship from the moment you were born. You didn’t ask to be born, but you are here, and you are currently in a relationship even if you are single. You are in a relationship with your parents, your relatives, your friends, your partner, your children, and these relationships impact the relationship that you have with yourself.

If you have already read, Pay Attention to Orange and Yellow Flags Too, you already know that there are more relationship flags in between the Green and Red that are essential to preventing reaching those Red Flags.

If you are interested in identifying what flags are present in your relationship and how you will respond to the Yellow, Orange, and Red Flags that may be present, complete the Relationship Flags [journal prompt] Heart Tool below.

If you would like to print the Relationship Flags Heart Tool, click HERE.

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