Setting Boundaries Journal

It is not always easy to set boundaries in relationships, for ourselves, and in difficult and stressful situations. You may be struggling with knowing what boundary you need or how to express it. Or maybe you are worrying if your boundary will be violated after you set the boundary with someone. If your boundaries feel incomplete, make sure to read, Three Things You Didn’t Know About Your Boundaries – The Heart Advocate to gain insight on what may be missing from your process.

Why is setting boundaries so hard? The process is indeed anything but simple. Setting boundaries is about having an awareness of your needs, self-reflection and gaining clear insight on the action steps you plan to take, building confidence for self-advocacy, affirming the necessity of your expectations and expressing potential consequences [as needed].

If you are seeking support with setting boundaries, I am here to help you. I have created a journal prompt that may assist you:

created by Ta’lor L. Pinkston

Here is a printable version of the Setting Boundaries journal: Setting Boundaries journal.pdf

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