Self-care is A Part of Self-love

I am always busy. I am a mother of a 5-year-old, so preschooler-mom life always keeps me on my toes. Between work, as The Heart Advocate, working as a full-time Self-love Therapist, taking care of my home, and managing my Facebook support group, Healing Over Everything (H.O.E.), it’s can be difficult to find the time to focus on me.

When I first started my self-love journey, I put most of my focus on my physical health and wellness. I jumped into yoga, circuit workouts, and started a diet that I was completely unprepared for. What I found was that I had been rushing to tackle physical self-care without ever prioritizing the other parts of self-love.

As a result, I had no consistency in my self-care and I would immediately fall back into old habits (stress eating, eating late at night, less sleep) every time something troubling or severely stressful happened in my life.

What is Self-love? 

Best Selling Author of Madly in love with Me and the Founder of the Path to Self-love, Christine Arylo says, “There are 10 branches of self-love – AND you need ALL 10 + the roots to be strong.” Practicing the 10 branches of self-love helps grow and strengthen your self-worth. Here are the 10 Branches of Self-love and their definitions from Christine Arylo:

self-awareness + honesty

Understanding who you are and who you are not. Being truthful about how your actions, thoughts and choices impact your life and the people around you.


Making the choice to like all the parts of yourself without exception or judgment; your body, your skin, your personality, your past your present; completely unashamed.

self-compassion + forgiveness

Making the active choice to show yourself kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, understanding, and patience whenever you need it.


Making the choice to listen and follow that inner voice inside of you because you know what you need even when others disagree with your choices.


Making the choice to give yourself what you need every day, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


“choosing to consistently create, receive and experience joy, ensuring that your soul is fully fed and nourished”


To have a strong confidence in your ability to do and be anything you desire to be.


Taking responsibility over your life by choosing to create the life you desire every day unapologetically. 


Allowing the world to see you fully, truthfully, and without shame; without holding yourself back.

self-respect + honor

The daily commitment to only make choices that respect and honor the scared being that you are.

Self-care for Beginners 

Making the choice to take care of your mind, body, and soul is an important part of self-love. If you are beginning a Self-care Journey, here are five things to remember:

  1. Start Small
  2. Get out of you Comfort Zone 
  3. Meet yourself where YOU are 
  4. Find a Tribe 
  5. Know that YOU ARE NOT SELFISH  

For a complete explanation, print your copy of my Self-care for Beginners Guide.

Often times when we begin a self-care journey we compare ourselves to others who we consider masters of a specific aspect of self-care. There is a lot of information out there about how to better take care of your mind, body, and soul, and the lists of options can be extensive that it can feel overwhelming.

Your self-care does not have to fit into a certain mold or meet certain standards. Meet yourself where you are and show up for yourself a little more each day.

Self-care is equally important as the other branches but we need all ten to have a well rounded and balanced life. It is important to first understand self-love before you focus on self-care. Join the self-love movement by prioritizing all the branches of self-love not just your self-care.

The Heart Advocate Program and Heart Advocate Sessions: Self-love Therapy can give you the space to explore the Branches of Self-love and learn how to apply self-love to your life.

35 thoughts on “Self-care is A Part of Self-love

  1. Women are socialised to nurture and men and children, to be nurtured. It can create an unhealthy situation where mothers and wives continue to give and prioritize themselves, but don’t get what they need in return. It is important to sometimes put ourselves first, without guilt, and without punishment. Kudos to you!

    1. Thank you for reading!!!!!! So horned. It most certainly is something that we must all begin to prioritize. Self-love is the cure.

  2. So so SO much love for this post! Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention – I can relate to this so much, as someone who’s often struggled to realise their self worth and love themselves for their flaws. Will remember this next time I plan some self-care time! xx

  3. I loved reading this! I can definitely relate, I’m also a mother of a 2 year old and self-care is something I struggle with. I think I’ll keep your post in mind and give the dance party a go! All the best. Kirsty-Lou. X

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