Self-Care for Beginners Guide

When you are beginning a self-love journey and want to focus on self-care, there are few things you need to know in order to be successful and not burnout. Self-care is so much more than working out, clean eating, and taking baths. It is important to always remember that changing your mindset is the first step in self-care.

Check out this guide and carry it with you while you begin to make your mind, body and soul a priority.

Illustrated Timeline Infographic (6)

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6 thoughts on “Self-Care for Beginners Guide

  1. Number 3!!!!!! That’s one of the main things we learn as Social Workers, meet our clients where they are. It’s not until recent years that I realized we have to give ourselves the same courtesy! Love this!

    1. Yes fellow Social Worker! I love how my field is in align with Self-love. Thank you for this

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