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1 hour virtual Self-love Session for you to get the pause your mind, body, and soul needs.

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Do you ever wish you could just stop everything around you for just a moment and take a pause for yourself? There are many things in this life that you are responsible for but you are also responsible for your inner-peace, your joy, your mental health, your wellness, and your hearts desires. 


The Heart Advocate Self-love Therapy Sessions are for you if you are ages 18+ (parental consent can be provided to those under 18), and need someone to hold space for you to support, encourage and challenge you. This is your space to release stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, insecurity, restlessness, fear, worry, and self-doubt and focus on your self-worth, your mental health, and your healing.

You can meet at your pace; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and just pause, breathe, and discuss whatever you are battling. I am dedicated to meeting YOU where YOU are.

All sessions are one hour and are $30.

All sessions are available using Zoom Internet for privacy and protection (Zoom Links will be provided to you in an email after you pay for your session).


You will receive the Self-love Quiz (provided by the Path of Self-love) after our first session together. The quiz reveals which stream of self-love requires the most strengthening in order for you to have a well rounded life that is rooted in your heart and souls desires.

Sessions will provide you with Heart Tools + Heart Work that will give you the opportunity to determine if you are settling for less than you desire, if you have only loving and respectful relationships, and if you are staying true to your heart and souls desires.

You will have space to pause, feel, vent, and do the Heart Work. 


*NEED TO KNOW: I am a mother who does her best to meet you where you are in providing this virtual service, but at anytime during sessions a 5 year old may briefly interrupt us. If so, I will pause, address her, and then continue our session as normal.


Life happens so its understandable that you may need to reschedule or miss a session. Here are the canceling and rescheduling policies:

I am willing to wait 15 minutes at the start of session to begin. After 15 minutes, our session will be canceled.

– if you cancel a session, you must do so at least 3 hours prior to session to avoid being charged full price for that session and you will still need to pay the $30 for the rescheduled session

– if we reschedule a session and you miss or cancel the rescheduled session, the $30 will not roll over to another rescheduled session and you will need to pay the $30 to meet



We all have desires, relationships, and choices and often times we ignore our heart because of fear, self-doubt, and insecurity. As The Heart Advocate, I am dedicated to helping you become your own Heart Advocate by giving you the Heart Tools you will need to understand, accept, and manifest your heart + souls desires every day in your relationships, desires, and your choices.

I can’t wait to connect with you.

I am here for your heart.

4 reviews for Heart Advocate Sessions – Limited Availability

  1. Gwendolyn

    Ta’lor aka The Heart Advocate helped me at my lowest moment! She poured into me at pivotal time in my life. I been working with The Heart Advocate for over two years now. It has been the BEST investment I made for myself. I completed the Heart Advocate Program and learned so much about self-love and the areas in my life I need to strengthen. The work is far from done but I’ve made a commitment to love myself and everyday I am using the tools I learned in the program. I loved the program so much that I continued my self-love journey and meet regularly with Ta’lor for what I call a love pause reality check! It’s my safe space to share, reflect, and be vulnerable with someone who truly understands my struggles. Ta’lor is a part of my village who I know I can lean on to uplift, encourage, and support me as I continue to heal, discover, practice self-love, and accept my authentic self. If you are still reading my review, I hope that this is the confirmation you need to start your own heart work. I encourage you to choose YOU and let The Heart Advocate support you in your healing and self-love journey.

  2. Yesenia (verified owner)

    These sessions with Ta’lor are always so affirming, eye-opening, and such a magical energy exchange! I’ve learned how to give language to my inner bullies, and have learned tools for how to face them. Some days I do better than others, but each day I learn and grow a little more and that is in big part thanks to Ta’lors words and presence in my life. <3

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    Ta’lor was such a joy to work with. She is open, warm, and transparent. She really helped me work through my issues. She always left me with personal affirmations and journal prompts. She helped me identify my values and choose exercises that aligned with my interests. She taught me what selflove is and encouraged me to apply it to the situations i was dealing with. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. I recommend her any chance I get. My friends love her too! Thanks for everything Ta’lor! 😘

  4. Meelah (verified owner)

    Ta’lor is a life savor! A few times a month she reminds me how valid my feelings are & to connect to my heart! These sessions are amazing & I love the energy she brings! So grateful for Ta’lor! ❤️

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