A Quick Thought Record

A Thought Record is journal prompt that allows the writer to process a new way of thinking about the situation and to come up with a more helpful way of thinking and reacting. Thought Records are used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a behavioral activation tool that helps you challenge a unhelpful or negative Automatic Thought. The goal of a Thought Record is to give you knew and/or helpful ways of accepting, problem solving, or engaging in a situation in a helpful way.

Thought monitoring or recording is a technique in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This technique involves recording our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors associated with a particular event or situation. Because of its effectiveness, this process is a very important part of CBT. The reason behind it is that it is an excellent and resourceful way of collecting data that helps us in identifying the ‘negative automatic thoughts’ (NAT) that form the core of all the problematic behavior, according to CBT. The measurement tool (record sheet) utilized to record this important data consists of just three columns (situation, feelings, and thoughts).

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Some Thought Records are detailed and lengthy, while others are short and sweet. If you are seeking a way to combat stressful situations, here is A Quick Thought Record that you can memorize or use as a tool after you experience a difficult or stressful situation that may support you with an alternative way of thinking and reacting:

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