4 Most Important Questions

I worked with an individual who would call their brain “New York City.” What they meant by that is that their brain always felt like it was working overtime; racing, and moving consistently without ever feeling relief or like they had a moment to pause.

Love Pause is a non-traditional therapy option that is accessible virtually to for you to pause, reflect, vent, and release what you have been battling in a safe-space. During Love Pause Sessions, we focus on what you need to process but we also do the Heart Work together.

When you are overly stressed and exhausted physically and emotionally it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. It is important to slow down and pause in order to process our thoughts and feelings during tough situations. This Heart Tool is one of the ways I can help you process what you are thinking and feeling. Here is a FREE Self-love Resource, 4 Most Important Questions for you to use in any situation:

For a Printable Version of this Infographic, click HERE.

To learn more about Love Pause Sessions (non-traditional therapy and self-love coaching), visit Become A Heart Advocate.

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