Glow Up Essentials: Preparing for that Next Level

I believe in the power of affirmations and speaking things into existence. There is power in our words and like many women, I struggled with negative self-talk.  knowing my purpose was something I desired, and now that I know, I am focusing on sustaining the foundation for my brand and biz.

If you are like me and you are preparing for a Glow Up, here are the essentials that you need to help you navigate through every transition toward living in purpose:

1. Prayer + meditation

Prayer and meditation are connected. When I meditate, I pray and when I pray, I meditate. I am praying and meditating when I am winning and when I am failing. Taking matters into my own hands is something I am guilty of, and it has never has worked out in my favor. I have made the commitment to asking my source for guidance before I make any move for my biz or brand.

You were created by a God with intentions. Seek the answers before you make decisions for your brand.

Seeking the guidance from God is a requirement for me in order to truly live in my purpose.

Photographer: Amy Hvostal

Stay mindful through prayer and meditation and receive connectivity and a peaceful heart.

I am meeting myself where I am by embracing my journey as it is and making mindfulness a priority.

2. listen to your inner-wisdom

Some call it intuition or inner-wisdom but the truth is, it’s your heart. In self-love it’s important for me to check in with my heart to determine if I am maintaining healthy relationships in my life; the same is true for me in preparing for a glow up in my career or my professional development. When listening to my heart to determine if I am living in my purpose and truly doing what you desire, I ask myself the following:

  • Does it make me feel proud, excited, and give me joy?
  • If I stopped doing this today, would I miss it?
  • Is this something that I am passionate about?
  • Does this make me feel stressed overwhelmed + overworked?

These are the questions that I had to ask myself in order to determine if I was living in my purpose and actually doing what my heart and soul desires. If you want to glow up, make sure you only doing what is in alignment with your purpose.

3. Strong Tribe

Every community is not supportive and every tribe is not helping you Glow Up. In fact, many of the people I surrounded myself with did nothing to empower, challenge, and motivate me in building my brand.

A strong tribe helps build a strong brand.

I am surrounding myself with people who are grinding, prioritizing their goals and those who have been doing it longer than I have.

4. Stay Grateful

It’s easy to be grateful when I have, but I am challenging myself to be grateful when I am struggling. It’s not easy, but it allows me to focus on the progress that my brand has seen, big or small. Be grateful even when you win and when you fail. I am giving myself the opportunity to celebrate small victories so that I remain humble and live in my gratefulness no matter where my journey leads.

Suggestion: Start a 30 day gratitude journal, where you actively practice focusing on being grateful.

5. Ask for Help

I have learned that if I don’t have the answer, someone does. Staying quiet for fear of looking inexperienced or naive is the biggest mistake I made when starting my brand and biz.

Photographer: Cristin Goss

Being afraid to ask for help will hinder your brand and biz and keep you from the glow up you desire.

I ask for help with everything and I do not care how I may look asking any questions, as long as I get the answer that I need to help me to continue to build my brand and live in my purpose.

A Glow Up is so much more than financial gain and stay focused on your purpose and not your bank account will help you reach that Glow Up status that you truly desire. Rich and wealth does not necessarily mean happiness and joy.

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    I absolutely love this, because learning this early on instills preparation and creates room for God to move immensely when you win and also when you fail.

    Great content!

    1. say it sis! Yes yes yes. Learning it early before that glow up comes 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

      Thank you for reading

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