Five Ways to be Single on Valentines Day

Valentines Day sucks when your single. Grocery stores, boutiques, even gas stations are filled with hearts, chocolate, and flowers. The colors red and pink are everywhere and commercials tell you what to buy your lover for February 14th. You may feel the pressure on social media to compare yourself to every couple posting #relationshipgoals and it can feel overwhelming and isolating if you are not dating or in a relationship. Yes, it can be tough being single on Valentines Day, but it doesn’t have to suck.

Photo Credit: Elise Michaux [Pittsburgh, PA]

love, not romance …

Once I discovered self-love’s meaning, being single on Valentines Day became an opportunity find ways to focus on the love inside of me and around me instead of sitting in my house, listening to love songs, crying, and beating myself up emotionally because I am single on the day of love. Being in a romantic relationship is not the only way that you can celebrate love because Valentines Day is not about romance, it’s about love.

Love comes in many forms: Divine Love, Sisterhood/Brotherhood Love, Community Love, Beloved Love, and of course, Self-love according to the Path of Self-love. If you focus on love instead of romance, I guarantee you will have a more fulfilling February 14th. Here are Five Ways To Be Single On Valentine’s Day:

1. Buy Your Own damn flowers

One aspect of self-love is self-pleasure, intentionally finding the fun, joy, and pleasures of life. Self-pleasure is not about overindulgence it is about pleasing and celebrating self intentionally. I love flower shops and buying myself flowers and plants makes me feel at peace. They bring positive vibes, energy and just make me feel good. If you are not into flowers, order chocolate covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries, or try a variety of treats with Graze. Buy yourself something that will make your heart smile.

Always remember to shop small and local and check out the stores that are community. Get some delectable treats and show yourself some deliciousness this V Day.

2. Write Yourself a Love Letter

I always loved getting love notes as a kid. I love writing in my journal and I have really become accustom to writing myself letters. Writing yourself a letter about how much you love yourself, are proud of yourself for, and what you are grateful for will not only make you feel good, it will reveal your worth to you.

3. Plan a singles night

Call all your single friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members and have some fun showering each with love. Go out, stay in, have a sleepover, do a Valentines Day gift exchange; celebrate love with each other. It always feels good to surround yourself with those you can relate to.

4. Binge Watch Comedies with loved ones

There is nothing more powerful than laughter. I love to binge watch comedies on Valentines Day with the people I love.  Laughter just feels so good and when I am feeling lonely, I like to binge watch shows that are goofy, are filled with dry humor, and are completely care free. Some of my favorites series to binge are Insecure, The Office, New Girl, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

My daughter is my Valentine so I will be showering her with love and then cuddling up with my pillow on the couch in front of the TV. Some kid friendly shows that we love are Steven Universe, Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh, and DC Super Hero Girls.

5. Take yourself out on a date

Hell yeah it is scary to go out by yourself as a single person on Valentines Day, but do it anyway. Get comfortable being with yourself; don’t hide or isolate. Get dressed up and take yourself out to your favorite place. You deserve it. If going out is too much for you, do something at home; you can still get dressed up and have a night all by yourself or with your littles if you are a single parent. If you are looking for some tips, check out my blog post, Six Ways To Maintain Your Self-love In Your Relationship.

Don’t let the balloons, the roses, the chocolates, and the red and pink stuffed animals ruin your February 14th. It’s a day of love and gratitude and even in your singleness you have so much to be grateful for and there is love all around you. Let the self-lovin begin.  

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