Healing Over Everything (H.O.E.)

About h.o.e.

Healing Over Everything is a support group on Facebook that provides individuals with weekly discussions on different topics related to self-love, mental health and healing. We are conversation starters who want to face our pain, celebrate ourselves, and have a safe-space to vent and be transparent about what we are struggling with.

We are defying perfectionism, self-hate, and the word “ho” every day.

WHo can join H.O.E.?

H.O.E. is for individuals ages 18+ who are high school seniors, college kids, cisgender or transgender, married or single, and parents who want to heal. We are so powerful when we are united and H.O.E. is dedicated to providing a safe-space for you to heal and help others heal from toxic relationships, trauma, abuse, loneliness, divorce and our every day life experiences living in a white supremist, male dominated society filled with bigotry, perfectionism, and status. 

h.o.e is here for your heart.

If you are struggling with maintaining healthy relationships, have concerns with family + friends, struggling in your marriage or as a parent; if you need support with grief or loss, during or after a divorce or a bad breakup; if you are struggling with accepting your body or trusting your heart in making decisions, I am here to say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

How to Join H.O.E.?

With over 1.5K+ members, H.O.E. is making its mark one of the most inclusive groups on Facebook. Healing Over Everything is “the only reason I am on Facebook.” – Gloria Madelyn (member since 2018).

If you would like to learn more about this group and the amazing members from all over the world, click Healing Over Everything and if you are already convinced that this is the group for you, click the button below: 

Healing Over Everything­™