What is a Heart Advocate

I know that you have desires personally, professionally, and in your relationships. You may have ignored the desires of your heart for fear of disappointing others, a lack of self-worth, or doubting your abilities; I know that I have. The Heart Advocate™, is dedicated to helping you (transgender, non-binary/non-gender, and cisgender) defy negative thoughts and self-talk by advocating for your heart and learning to choose self-love as a coping skill.

There are 5 things that make you a Heart Advocate:

  1. Choosing not to settle
  2. Manifesting relationships rooted in the 4 Things You Need to Have a Healthy Relationship
  3. Holding yourself and your community accountable for making self-love choices
  4. Practicing self-love as a coping skill for mental health and healing
  5. Advocating for self-love as a movement

The Heart Advocate™ provides a self-love program [Foundations of Self-love, certified through the Path of Self-love], individual Self-love Sessions, workshops and facilitates presentations on the importance of self-love in mental health, why Self-care Matters, and creating Relationship Goals.


The Foundations of Self-love program seeks to help you practice self-love by choosing to never settle, be honest about your choices, and to know your worth by focusing on the 10 branches of self-love ae (provided by the Path of Self-love). The Heart Advocate will guide you in becoming your own Heart Advocate and help you make the active choice to commit to what your heart.

Guides + Heart Tools – various guides, templates, and journal entries to help you begin to apply self-love into your lifestyle and accept yourself as you journey closer to falling in love with yourself as you are.

Photo Credit: Marien Jose [Pittsburgh, PA]

Mental health + Healing Over Everything™

Self-love Sessions – when you need a moment to pause, feel, and gain support and insight to take action and accountability over your life, Self-love Sessions will provide you with the Heart Work. The Heart Advocate will hold space for you to help you release stress, toxicity, insecurity, restlessness, fear, worry, and self-doubt using self-love as a coping skill for mental health concerns and healing.

Healing Over Everything™ (H.O.E) – a virtual support group that focuses on self-love, mental health, and healing. Weekly support and discussions on various topics, including healthy relationships, parenting, anxiety, self-care, body-acceptance, and self-compassion. (Scroll down for more information on Healing Over Everything)