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The Heart Advocate welcomes you to be a part of Self-care Workshop Series at Compass Counseling and Support Services (CCSS). The Self-care Matters Workshop was amazing and even though you missed it, there are two workshops you are registering for:

  • Maintaining Self-care in my Relationship
  • Social Self-care and Boundaries

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The Heart Advocate welcomes you to be a part of Self-care Workshop Series at Compass Counseling and Support Services (CCSS). There are two workshops you are registering for:

  • Self-care Matters (ended 7.9.23)
    • In-depth description of self-care and how to use it as a coping skill for mental health and healing.
    • How to create an ongoing individualized Self-care Needs Plan
    • How you can normalize self-care for your lifestyle and wellbeing to disrupt guilt and the stigma that self-care is selfish
  • Maintaining Self-care in my Relationship (8.6.23)
    • Complete a Relationship Inventory and Relationship Goals Heart Work to explore the realities of the intimate (marriage/sexual/romantic/etc.) relationships in your life.
    • Understand how you can identify Green and Red Flags to shift who you allow in your heart, in your space, and in your bed.   
    • Learn how to choose the next steps you need to take in your intimate relationships.
  • Social Self-care and Boundaries (8.27.23)
    • In-depth description of social self-care and how to take care of the social being that you are.
    • The two things you need to know about Boundaries.
    • Learn how to practice boundary setting personally and professionally by learning your social self-care needs completing a Boundary Setting Journal 

The interactive workshop includes a Self-care Workbook, group discussions and journal prompts related to self-care and its importance, heavy hors d’oeuvre’s and mocktails, and there will be a giveaway for a Self-care Gift Box for one attendee to win.

I am so excited to connect with you.

I am here for your heart. 

2 reviews for Self-care Workshop Series

  1. Chaunda

    Ta’lor is a phenomenal woman and heart advocate! I have never felt so comfortable being vulnerable and emotional in front of other women before. This workshop was in a group setting but had such a strong element of self-reflection! Looking inward seemed so scary for me and these Workshop sessions allowed me to be open, bold, and honest about where I am with creating a safe space for MYSELF, so I can bring positive energy, people, and things into my bubble.

    Thank you Ta’lor for being you and for allowing the group and individual space for me to think and care about what matters and that is PUTTING MYSELF FIRST!

    • The Heart Advocate

      You are an absolute gem. Your transparency made the workshops that much more fulfilling for all who attended. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback

  2. Doreen Upshaw

    Excellent workshops. I attended all three and although I was familiar with the depth of self care (more than just physical) The Heart Advocate took it to the next level with a boarder definition, slides, her own personal journey, and the booklet. The booklet really kept me on track and gave me some level of accountability in between sessions and now. I wish I had copies of the blank sheets for future use, because she made it clear that “Self Care/love changes as we change.” This series was great and I’d no doubt do it again.

    • The Heart Advocate

      Your feedback is so essential and I truly appreciate you.

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