Maintaining Self-care in my Relationship 8.6.23


Maintaining Self-care in Relationships Workshop is an interactive in-person and virtual workshop for small groups, large organizations, students (High School-college age) and teams that focuses social self-care; how to take care of the social being that you are and practice boundary setting personally and professionally.

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The Heart Advocate welcomes you to be a part of Maintaining Self-care in Relationships as a part of a Self-care Workshop Series* at Compass Counseling and Support Services (CCSS).

*If you are interested in registering for all three workshops, click HERE

In intimate and romantic relationships, self-care can become relaxed, pushed to the side, or neglected entirely. Maintaining your self-care while in a relationship with your partner is attainable but knowing how to do that can feel impossible.

As an attendee of the Maintaining Self-care in my Relationship Workshop, you will work on a Relationship Inventory and Relationship Goals Heart Work to explore the realities of the intimate (sexual/romantic/lifelong partners/etc.) relationships in your life and how you can identify Green and Red Flags to shift who you allow in your heart, in your space, and in your bed.   

The interactive workshop includes a heavy hors d’oeuvre’s and mocktails, a Self-care Workbook, group discussions and journal prompts related to self-care and importance, and there will be a giveaway of a self-care gift box for one attendee to win.

Location: 700 River Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Date: Sunday, August 6, 2023 

Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Thank you for your interest and see you at the first Self-care Workshop Series: Maintaining Self-care in Relationships at Compass Counseling and Support Services. 

I am here for your heart. 


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