Alone Not Lonely: Liberated Singleness

COMING SOON: March 2019.

About “Alone Not Lonely” program

Alone Not Lonely is a self-love program for single-women to feel comfortable + free in their singleness by giving them the heart tools of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion, emotional self-care and self-trust. This program will help single-women to define their desires in romance, help to strengthen inner peace in alone spaces, provide the tools to listen to inner wisdom, and help them to never settle for less than they desire in a relationship.

This program is for single women who:

  • feel stuck in loneliness and worry about never having a relationship in the future
  • are filling their beds with bodies to have company but desiring more in relationship
  • are seeking Healing Over Everything in their past relationships
  • have repeated the same patterns in relationships
  • recently went through a breakups or divorce

LADYHOOD journey cannot wait to connect with you ….

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