5 Most Important Things To Know About Self-care

Are you sick of hearing about self-care yet? Christine Arylo, the founder of the Path of Self-love understands how confusing self-love can be because of the many adaptations that we interpret. Like Arylo, I believe that self-love involves 10 aspects or branches, one of them being self-care. Self-care is an essential branch of self-love that is an action word. There are so many ways to practice self-care but in order to prioritize it by giving your mind, body, and soul the nourishment that it needs, you can’t sit still (all the time) you have to do something.

Self-worth is rooted in every branch of self-love and with self-care, you have to know that you deserve to be taken care of. I created this Infographic to help you understand the most important things to know about self-care, (adapted from Christine Arylo) so that you too can begin to prioritize your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social, and practical care needs.

For a printable version of this infogrpahic, click HERE.

We all have personal + professional desires and our relationship with others and ourselves impacts the moves we make. Often times, we ignore the desires of our hearts for fear of disappointing others, a lack of self-worth, or doubting our abilities. As The Heart Advocate™ I am dedicated to helping every woman + femme (transgender women, non-binary, non-gender femme/queer) defy fear, self-doubt, insecurity, shame/blame, and guilt by advocating for their heart + souls desire.

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