My Self-Acceptance: Heart Tool

Self-acceptance is embracing all that you are and all that you are not. “Choosing to like all the parts of yourself without exception or judgment; your body, your skin, your personality, your past and present completely unashamed.” Christine Arylo

In relationships, personally and professionally (family, friendships, acquaintances, or intimate) are about our choices. We choose to be in relationship with the people in our lives even if those relationships are through biological connection. Every day we have an opportunity to be advocates for our hearts by never settling for less than we desire.

It can be tough to trust, express, and honor ourselves in relationships because these choices can lead to hurting or disappointing those individuals in our lives. How? Well toxicity in relationship is broad but for example, if someone is use to you being insecure, tolerant, or passive in the relationship and then you do the Heart Work to be empowered, confident, and sure of your worth, your tolerance for bullshit is limited and sometimes they can’t handle your self-love.

In order to accept yourself, you must know who you are (Self-Honesty + Awareness) and then take a stand on what you are no longer accepting from yourself or from other; and what you desire to begin accepting about yourself. Here is a FREE Heart Tool for you to begin prioritizing Self-Acceptance, an essential branch of the 10 Branches of Self-love (Path of Self-love):

My Self-Acceptance Heart Tool

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My Self-Acceptance

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