body shaming myself check in

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for you to be mean to yourself about how your body looks? Our society is rooted in perfection. We experience body exclusion on a daily basis, and even though so much has changed since the 90’s where we can see a commercials that have people with different body types, disabilities, shades, and genders, we still see body shaming on social media, in magazines, and on television. This is the impact of perfection called the standard of beauty.

Sometimes you may not realize when you are body shaming yourself. The Body Shaming Check In below can help you with the following:

  1. To become more aware of the negative self-talk you engage in and thoughts that you have about your body.
  2. To allow you be mindful about what your body needs.
  3. To discourage body shaming yourself

Do this check in whenever you notice that you are judging, shaming, and being unkind to your body.

created by Ta’lor L. Pinkston

Here is a printable version of this journal prompt: Body Shaming Myself Check In.pdf

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