Love Lies

It’s okay,

I am done listening to everyone around me.

He is more than enough for me.

I would rather hurt with him than be happy without him.

At least I am an option.

We are okay. 

Yeah we argue a lot but all couples argue.

Relationships are suppose to be tough or they are not worth having.

At least he doesn’t cheat on me.

He loves me.

That’s okay, 

I don’t need intimacy; he is providing for me.

I am happy sometimes.

At least he is there for me.

No one vows to be happy til death do us part,

So, I am okay.

Yeah, he is always working but he is just taking care of our family.

So what if I feel alone in my relationship.

I don’t care what everyone says about him.

Things will change someday.

I don’t care what you say, okay? 

No, he doesn’t really like it when I go out.

He just really loves me and doesn’t want anyone else to have me.

There is nothing wrong with him being jealous.

So what he pushed me once, it’s not like he hit me.

It’s all good, okay?

Yeah, he cheated a few times, but all men cheat.

I just don’t want to break up my family.

We have been together too long to end it.

We will be okay. 

©️ 2018, Ta’lor L. Pinkston, LADYHOOD journey, LLC

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