No More Body Shaming

Our inner-critic is so mean and every day we listen to the cruel, disrespectful and judgmental words they tell us. It’s so easy to listen to that voice and get down on ourselves because of the bullies or critics that live inside of us.

Body Shame

As a teen, I was very hard on myself, especially when I looked into the mirror. I internalized the critic from my parents and other adults in my life, including the media, that made me feel like I had to have a certain body type or facial features to be considered beautiful. I hated my lips, my flat feet, the gaps in between my teeth, my belly rolls, and my back fat. I was so uncomfortable around my friends who were smaller than me and felt insecure about my body because I felt like I didn’t measure up to their beauty.

Overtime, I was able to accept some parts of my body but after I had my daughter, those insecure feelings became prominent again when I would look into the mirror. I disliked my saggy boobs, stretch marks, and flabby stomach. My inner-critic was winning and I knew that I would have to do the Heart Work and reverse my negative self-talk with self-acceptance and self-compassion (to learn more about how to stand up to your inner-critic read How To Stand Up To The 5 Baddest Bullies of Self-hate).

Anti-Body Shaming

Speaking positively about our bodies begins with our tongue and I am active in giving myself compliments in order to stand up to my inner bullies. We will forever be learning how to love our bodies because our bodies will forever change. Practice speaking kindly to yourself. Here are the compliments that I say to myself to help me accept my beauty and my body:

I love my big head.

I love my short, curly, thin hair.

I love the rolls on my back.

I love the shape and color of my eyes.

I love my cellulite covered thighs.

I love the dimples in my cheeks! (my mom tells me I got them from my grandmother… I never met her, but they make me feel like she is a part of me)

I love my big lips! (they’re just like my moms)

I love my flabby arms.

I love the gap in between my teeth!

I love my broad shoulders!

I love my short torso!

I love my stretch marks on my sides and my belly! (they remind me of my daughter)

I love my wide butt!

I love my thick thighs!

I love my chunky knees!

I love my flat feet! (they are just like my dads)

Body Love Prose

Love your wrinkles. Love your laugh lines. Love your curves. Love your box shape. Love your short waist. Love your thick or thin hair. Love your stretch marks. Love your wide or narrow hips. Love your big lips. Love the shape of your thighs. Love your ass whether you have one or not. Love the shape of your eyes. Love your smile; crooked, straight, or over-bite. Love your dimples, wherever they are. Love your bowlegs. Love your foopah and rub on it while your at it. Love the way your knees knock. Love your calves. Love your stubby or long toes. Love your wide or narrow nose. Love your freckles. Love the length of your neck. Love your perky or sagging breasts. Love your kankles. Love your A, B, C, or DDD cup. Love your moles. Love your rolls. Love your flat feet. Love your blemishes, bumps, and bruises. Love your height. Love your weight. Love your flabby arms. Love your scars. Love your yourself, imperfections and all.

© 2018 Ta’lor L. Pinkston, The Heart Advocate

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