I cannot believe that LADYHOOD journey has reached 2,000 views this month! I am overwhelmed, overjoyed, and in awe. This WordPress blogger and influencer community is amazing it is all because of all of the support we give one another. 🤗 Thank you to everyone who follows my blog. All 400+ of you! You all believe in my mission to uplift women! You support me, challenge me, and inspire me! I cannot thank you enough!!!! 😚

Thank you for following 😊

Thank you for every Comment 😀

Thank you for Reblogging my posts 😄

Thank you for every Like 😆

Thank you for every nomination, award, and tag 😎

Reaching 2,000 views is like a dream to me. It may not seem like much to some, but to me, I am overwhelmed with appreciation. 😘

Keep writing, keep uplifting, keep advocating, educating, and empowering others and I will do the same!

With love,

Ta’lor Pinkston, Self-love Lifestyle Blogger 

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