My Lost Sister: (Part 3)

My sister was going to a new school.

That made me sad.
She graduated 5th grade.
That made me happy.
Even though she was changing schools, we still had to walk to our bus stops together.
Hers was a little further down the street, but she would drop me off with the crossing guard, and then go to her stop.

I was good in school.
I loved to write, read books, and do math!
I always got good grades.
My big sister did not like school, like me.
She did not do so well in school.
Her grades were not as good as mine.
I always wished I could help her.
But her work was hard!
She never told my parents if she was having trouble.
I think she was embarrassed.

Mommy would hang our report cards on the fridge.
She praised us and challenged us to work harder in school.
She always told us how smart we were!
I think my big sister hated her report card on the fridge, next to mine.
I think she thought she needed to be good in school like me.
She didn’t.
Who cares about grades.

Dad would give us money for good grades.
Sometimes, she wouldn’t get any.
That made her sad.
Me too…
I think she hated that I got good grades…

She started spending more time in her room.
But, I didn’t like being alone.
I remember some nights I would get scared.
I would they out of my bunk bed and sneak in her bed.
She would let me.
She made me feel safe.

She didn’t want to play with me anymore.
I would knock on her door.
She wouldn’t answer.
She didn’t want to play.
She changed.
I learned to play alone.

We started to grow a part.

We were always together, but separate.
I had my friends.
She had hers.

I just wanted her to like me.


(Part 4 coming soon)

5 thoughts on “My Lost Sister: (Part 3)

  1. Loving your page, bio, and overall everything. I loved that you stated that it is under construction so readers will understand. I’m so enjoying theses mini series!! The link to part 2 seem to be broken. XXXO

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out. Constantly making changes lol. Ok. I will fix that! Thank you for telling me!!!

  2. The part about report cards remind me of a friend I had, we were best friends almost like sisters for most of my adolescent life into my teen years, we did everything together and had the same classes. She suddenly stop talking to me because i started getting higher grades than her. I miss her.
    Great post as usual Pinkspen <3

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