​My Lost Sister: (Part 2)

My big sister was so quiet.
I always felt like I was so loud compared to her.
I would talk and talk, but she would listen. She didn’t say much, but she always listened.

She was a rider.

If anyone said anything to me or tried to hurt me, she would always stick up for me.
I remember being bullied in school.
She threatened to hurt this guy if he ever said anything else to me.

And he never did.

She was so talented!
She was extremely fast….like track star fast!
I would try to keep up.

She was an artist! She would draw, free hand, and she would do it quickly as if she was tracing it.

She was so funny, but I remember her smile, the most.

Every picture I see with that smile, makes me smile.
It makes me remember.

I remember Double Dutch, Hop Scotch, It Tag, Freeze Tag, TV Tag, tag football in the alley, kick ball, side walk chalk….
So much fun. So many smiles…

The first Christmas that I can remember, she got a Vanity Doll. It was a black girl with long dark hair. You could practice make up designs, hair styling…
To be honest, I have no idea what I got that Christmas.
I just remember sitting with her while she played with it.
She was so happy! So many smiles…

I remember our family vacations.
The long drives, sharing snacks in the back of the Jeep.
The Water Parks, the Jacuzzi soaks with Sparkling Apple Cider, the indoor and outdoor pools, chasing boys all over the Time Share, Busch Gardens….she would always ride the scariest rides. The taller, faster, and steeper, the better.
I never got on the roller coasters, I would sit with mom and watch her and dad get on and off rides, but Dad wouldn’t ride some of them. So many smiles…

We always got to invite friends on vacation. But we always played together. I didn’t like one of the friends she invited. It just seemed like she was the type of person to take and not give….

I never really liked any of her friends.

But that was her best friend, so I was nice.
I hated the idea of anyone hurting my sister… that’s why I hated her birth parents!

She was a rider, but so was I.
I would do anything for her.

(Part 3 coming soon)

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