Addiction: A poem

Sometimes, as women, we allow men to take advantage of the nurturer within us. It is not difficult for a woman to show compassion, love, and willingness to a man, but we do this at the expense of losing who we are.

As Steve Harvey stated in response to a Strawberry Letter on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, “if women took the time to be as nurturing to themselves as they do men, they would be in control of what they allow in their relationships…” (paraphrased)

We have to do better with taking care of ourselves, and we have to discover our worth so that we can show out worth to those around us. Only then, do we see from others, how worthy we are.

I re-blogged this poem because the author, My Emerald Life, brought the reality to life that being in a toxic relationship can be just as painful as being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

8 thoughts on “Addiction: A poem

  1. That’s deep! If we were as nurturing to ourselves ….. that’s so true !!!! Never looked at it like that. I do know that once women realize how unique and amazing they truly are they will be unstoppable and they will make better decisions in life as far as who and what they allow in it.

    1. Exactly! It is all about self-love and self-care. There is nothing wrong with being nurturing, but we have to start (myself included) taking more care of ourselves too!

      1. Yessss! 29 years old and I’m finally on that journey . It’s so easy to lose ourselves in men and in this world . Stay strong 💪We are so worthy!

      2. You speak truth. We have to take better care of ourselves. I am on that journey as well. It is never ending because life keeps going, bad things happen, etc. You just gotta love yourself no matter your flaws or mistakes.

        P.S loving the convo!

      3. Yeah, me too. It really makes me smile, feel more positive…sometimes people piss me off, but hey, thats life! lol

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