I Hate The “F” Word

I read a post that completely disturbed me. I am beyond disappointed. I am hurt and enraged as I write these words. It’s hard for me to understand how someone could be so simple-minded, belittling, ignorant, and absent-minded of the words that they use.

Scrolling through the WordPress Reader, I cam across a blog post with the title, “I will not apologize to faggots” (oh how I hate that word, which is why I used * in my post Call me a F***** Lover), was a slap in the face to anyone in the LGBTQIAP+ community and to anyone who supports them.

A little LGBT+ Reality 

The slurs, judgement, and violent descriptions of how gays should feel about themselves in this post is a clear depiction of why suicide rates are so high for members of the LGBTQIAP+ community.


Australian Human Rights 

Slurs found in “I will not apologize to faggots

In this post, members of the LGBTQIAP+ community are referred to as:

“damn butt pluggers…”

“Those nasty ass no account, filthy, shit smelling faggots should be disrespected…”

“disgusting, vile and filthy degenerates…”

“rejects from hell…”

“sick fucks…”

Saying that who they are is “sick ass, twisted shit!”

When it came to the LGBT+ community being discriminated against, she stated, “Those immoral freaks of nature are the last things slithering that’s deserving of an apology, despicable abominations!”

As horrible as this is, nothing compares to the following quote from the writer. Literally, my blood is boiling with rage towards the ignorance of the writer. I wanted to reach through my screen …

“You honestly want everyone who is not down with your lifestyle choices to apologize to you if we so much as look cross-eyed at your nasty ass? Well, beg me to apologize to you useless fucks and please hold your breath until I do because that way, you’d all be dead because you’d turn blue and keel over before I’d ever apologize for a goddamn thing I say about you or to you.” -a foolish individual lacking self-love 

In response to a comment someone made about offending someone with this post, the writer stated, ignorantly,“If they don’t like what they see here and if they are faggot lovers, then they can just ‘unfollow’ me and get ta steppin’! By now, everyone who steps foot up in here know my feelings or lack thereof over those detestable creatures. And I hope like hell I offended some filthy ass butt pokers, I hope I did ’cause I’m hoping they hold their breath while awaiting an apology. They some dead motherfuckers if they is!! LOL!!”  

What a bigot!

We have to stop using slurs like FAGGOT, HOMO, and DYKE … NOW!

To learn more about the slurs that are considered offensive to those in the LGBT+ community, please visit the GLAAD Media Reference Guide – Terms To Avoid

A Message to the LGBT+ Community 

On behalf of my friends that are gay… on behalf of every young boy or girl struggling with determining their sexuality, and on behalf of the entire LGBTQIAP+ community, I am so sorry that people are ignorant… that they do not see hat the words they use, hurt. They are so caught up in the right and wrong, and because the do not understand nor agree, they target your lifestyle to bash and bully. They treat you like you are not a human…

…a human with rights.

…a human that loves.

…a human that feels pain.

…a human that just wants to be treated as an equal.

Please know that you are beautiful, handsome, intelligent, proud, bold, passionate, and so strong to stand up for your rights; the rights of others and for what is right. Never stop fighting, and never let someone tell you that you are less than because of the way you were born and how you live your life.

(For more information, read It’s not a choice… where I speak out against why who we are attracted too and who we love, is not a choice)


7 thoughts on “I Hate The “F” Word

    1. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you linking my posts to your page!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless. All I can say is thank you for believing in what I believe!

  1. I’ve always felt that those that live in glass houses have to chase people away because they are terrified their houses will shatter.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    1. WOW! That was an absolutely flawless way to say that people are so afraid of what is outside and they like to look at the world, but they do not emerge themselves in it because of their fear. It is okay to be afraid, but you have to try to overcome those fears. Despite agreeing, accept differences and try to see the beauty within them. Thank you for your comment! WOW! This is why I follow you! I love your words!

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