Call me a F***** Lover

I read a post yesterday evening that completely disturbed me…

Anyone that reads my blog, knows that I a pro-equality… there are so many advocates that only support the concerns that they feel are important. All advocacy is beneficial to a cause, whether its lead in the water, the #blacklivesmatter movement, poor education systems, or poverty…

But, how can you fight for true equality, if you consider some concerns, and yet dismiss others? That is an alternative fact!

Equality for LGBTQIAP+ is a cause that is just as important as any other, and should be fought for by those with privilege; heterosexuals

Anyone can fight for what they support or agree with… that is easy!

But, you cannot fight for true equality, if you shun, judge, and speak discriminating biases against individuals that are different than you!

The post “I will not apologize to faggots” 

I was and still am so disappointed that someone could be so simple-minded, belittling, and ignorant. This post, “I will not apologize to faggots” (Oh, how I hate that word, which is why I used * in my title)was a slap in the face to anyone in the LGBTQIAP+ community and to anyone who supports them. The slurs, judgement, and violent descriptions of how gays should feel about themselves, is a clear depiction of why suicide rates are so high for members of the LGBTQIAP+ community.


Australian Human Rights Commission 

This blogger referred to members of the LGBTQIAP+ community as:

“damn butt pluggers…”

“Those nasty ass no account, filthy, shit smelling faggots should be disrespected…”

“disgusting, vile and filthy degenerates…”

“rejects from hell…”

“sick fucks…”

Saying that who they are is “sick ass, twisted shit!”

When it came to being discriminated against, she stated, “Those immoral freaks of nature are the last things slithering that’s deserving of an apology, despicable abominations!”

But, here is the quote that got me boiling… I wanted to reach through my screen…

“You honestly want everyone who is not down with your lifestyle choices to apologize to you if we so much as look cross-eyed at your nasty ass? Well, beg me to apologize to you useless fucks and please hold your breath until I do because that way, you’d all be dead because you’d turn blue and keel over before I’d ever apologize for a goddamn thing I say about you or to you.” 

In response to a comment someone made about offending someone with this post, the writer stated, ignorantly,“If they don’t like what they see here and if they are faggot lovers, then they can just ‘unfollow’ me and get ta steppin’! By now, everyone who steps foot up in here know my feelings or lack thereof over those detestable creatures. And I hope like hell I offended some filthy ass butt pokers, I hope I did ’cause I’m hoping they hold their breath while awaiting an apology. They some dead motherfuckers if they is!! LOL!!”  

What a bigot!

My response to the LGBTQIAP+ community

On behalf of my friends that are gay, on behalf of every young boy and girl struggling with determining their sexuality, and on behalf of the entire LGBTQIAP+ community, I am so sorry that people are ignorant… that they do not see, that the words they use, hurt. They are so caught up in the way society views LGBTQIAP+ and what they think the right form of sexual identity is, that they target your lifestyle as, incorrect! They treat you like you are not a human, just like them….

A human with rights…

a human that loves…

a human that feels pain…

a human that just wants to be treated as an equal.

I read that post over 10 times, since last night. As a black woman, I decided to take out the word faggot, and replace it with nigger, to see if the content of her piece would change… it made me feel the same way. So many claim that they are pro-equality or that they aim to bring social issues to the forefront, but in reality, they are bigots!

A strong part of me wanted to HYPERLINK the post, but I do not want to give them anymore views than they already have, and I certainly do not want her post associated with my site. If you choose to read it, (the title is above), please be advised that you may feel hurt after. You may become angry… I posted the statements in her post, previously, because I felt that those of us with privilege, forget what people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis because of discrimination (I do not aim to offend anyone, and I apologize if I did), so I wanted to remind them.

Please know that you are beautiful, handsome, intelligent, proud, bold, passionate, and so strong to stand up for your rights, the rights of others, and for what is right, equality! Never stop fighting, and never let someone tell you that you are less than because of how you live your life.

In my post, It’s not a choice… I speak out against why, who we are attracted too and who we love, is not a choice. I hope that you feel the love pouring out of my words, and once again I apologize for the disrespect of a fellow blogger.


28 thoughts on “Call me a F***** Lover

    1. Thank you so much for linking my post. Your post is so powerful! I completely agree. There is no problem with gay marriage

  1. The original post that i am speaking of in this post…i was gonna hyperlink it to my post, but i decided not to because i didnt want to give her credit!

      1. I chose to not hyperlink the post i am talking about because i didnt want to give her more followers or likes or even views….sorry for the confusion

      2. Ohhhh! Hahaha I’m there now.

        Yeah you don’t want them gaining from them being a total idiot. It’s a shame but hopefully one day we won’t have to deal with it!

  2. Excellent reaction. If only people could be more open minded. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with someone’s lifestyle choices, that doesn’t mean they deserve to feel less than human. Just be civil!

    1. Exactly. No one is asking for you to agree, but shaming someones beliefs or life choices, can cause detrimental effects, like someone committing suicide. That blogger pissed me off! I am still mad about it.

    1. I felt the same way…I was soooo upset that I had to revise the original post that I created, because I had her name all over it and blasted her. After speaking with other respective bloggers, I decided that I did not want to give her anymore followers, likes, or views, so I did not hyperlink her name, blog, or the post.
      I am still fired up and I want this post to reach more people. I am working on that because the message needs to be delivered! I am truly glad you agree with me!

      1. agreed! That is exactly why I didn’t do it. I really appreciate the dialogue and you visiting so many of my posts! Thank you, thank you!

  3. Thank you for the link to this post + asking for my take.

    I love all the bloggers I follow, including you. Including Shelby. She’s circled the sun probably twice as many times as me therefore seeing and dealing with twice as much in her lifetime. I find her to be refreshingly honest in a world that constantly forces us, Black people, to apologize or quiet down our thoughts + feelings.. In a world that puts LGBTQ issues in front of our own. In a world that equates gay rights and Black rights, only one of which you cannot hide or deny. And if we disagree with the popular vote or what’s trending at the time, we’re soulless demons who deserve condemnation. AND if we’re not on board and rooting for something that we don’t necessarily care about, don’t advocate or choose not to perpetuate, we’re hateful.

    Reading Shelby’s passionate post tells me she’s just tired and over the media trying to make her care. I don’t know what triggered it, but if I recall it was Jennifer Holliday’s decision to apologize to the LGBTQ community for even considering performing at Trump’s inauguration. Although he is also known to be racist, she gave no apology to her Black fan community for considering the performance.
    Reading your equally passionate post tells me you’re over the hate that the gay community receives and found a post to exemplify your stance.

    The beauty in writing/blogging is that you have such a dynamic group that can take on many of the same subjects yet respond with various opinions. It also gives writers a (safe) space to openly share, sometimes as a means of therapy or release. If I see something I don’t like, I just keep scrolling. (I don’t expect everyone to act this way, but it works for me.) Even if it’s a blogger with whom I feel connected or really like, I know we won’t agree on everything. We won’t have the same passions or focus. I totally get where you’re coming from and I, too, choose to promote what I love instead of glorifying things I don’t. I know there are plenty of vlogs and social media accounts focused on discounting the beauty of Black women. But do I choose to seek them out or engage? No way, because I’m too busy focusing on, sharing and promoting what I love with people who seem to open, positive and likeminded.

    1. You speak truth! And you know what, i will do that in thr future, because reading that post really fired me up. I have gay family members and friends, and she went sooo hard, that i felt obligated to do the same. I think it is wrong to take out your anger with American society’s lack of recognition for issues that effect african Americans, on the LGBT community….they are just fighting for their cause, and there are blacks who identify as gay, and when u tear them down, to u ultimately are tearing down your own race!

      1. Believe me, I have done the same thing! And now when I feel myself “going off”(especially in other people’s spaces, I just type it out, read over it and ofttimes delete it. Some people will not agree with me on ANYTHING EVER. Some people won’t even allow you an opportunity to be HEARD! I took those instances I experienced as fuel to keep doing what I think is best. They just prove my point to why I should keep giving focus and energy to what I deem deserves it.

        I read almost the same thing about being Black + Muslim. I understand that that intersectionality (of Black AND gay or Black with a mental disease or Black and ____) can be a difficult walk to take.

        I appreciate the conversation. Really.

  4. Words are so powerful and people don’t understand how deep a single word can’t cut. We love who we love. We are who we are! It’s time this world accepted it!

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